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Hi All,

Whilst doing some website maintenance I noticed that my blog updates where not being emailed directly to subscribers of my website. People that had clicked the “Follow” link in some of the early blog posts where on a separate list to the majority of users that have signed up for this site.

I have found a plugin called Subsribe2 that I have setup to automatically send updates on my blog to my members. If you are not a member and would like to sign up please visit the Register page and you will be added to the email subscription list unless you select otherwise.

You are able to modify your email subscription easily via the Dashboard so that you only receive certain updates based on there category. You can also choose if you would like to receive updates as HTML or Text.

I am currently working hard on Romeo the Robot and will post about a special deal for schools wanting to trial Romeo with a class or students in the next few weeks. I am also working on a surface mount version of the PPMotherBoard called the PPMotherboardPRO. I will post an update when I have this working but here is a sneak peak:




Joel Phillips

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