School Sets and LED Torch

Hi All,

This one is especially for the teachers. I have been trying to set the website up to make purchasing for schools a little bit easier. I understand it is difficult to purchase class materials via PayPal so I have added the option for bank transfer via purchase order. Now when you go to the checkout you do not have to make payment to complete your order. You will receive an email that you can forward to your accounts department and I will post your kits once I have verified your school.

I have currently got 5 class sets available:

  1. Class Introductory Pack
    Includes the PPMotherboard, ProtoPLATFORM, and StarterPLATFORM
  2. PCB Torch Class Set
    Includes 20 lots of the PCB Torch. Available either individually kitted or as bulk components.
  3. Romeo Class Set
    Includes 10 Romeo kits (not quite available).
  4. PLATFORM Class Sets
    Allows you to choose any assorted PCBs in lots of 10 or 50 at bulk prices.
  5. Workshop (2 hours)
    This is a service rather than product.

I had to order 300pcs of the PCB Torch to be able to get the price down low enough that it is affordable for school so to get some school purchases started and more some of my stock on I am offering a 15% discount on top of the bulk price of the PCB Torch bringing cost down to $3 each. This discount is only available for the PCB Torch Class Set and only is limited to the first three schools that complete the transaction. Use the following coupon when completing transaction $3TORCH.

LED Torch Bulk

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