Build an Accessibility Remote

An accessibility remote build from recycled products to enhance the activities undertaken by a client with limited movement and no fine motor skills. This controller works with both gaming console such as; PS3, PC, and OSX, and has been further developed and modified to also control a model aircraft via a buddy box system.


The project was developed by an 18 year old Rostrevor College student as part of a Year 12 Design and Technology subject for a client that has no movement from his arms down, limited hand function and no finger control as a result of a motor cycle accident. It involves a range of skills, but not all components of the project are completely necessary (such as 3D printing and Milling). The intention is that people are inspired by this project to make similar devices rather than try to replicated the product.

The motivation behind putting information about how this project works and the design process behind its development, was to inspire other technically minded people that know of someone that could benefit from a product similar to this accessibility remote. The project would not have been possible without a community of developer that were willing to share there work and therefore this project intends to extend upon, and contribute to this body of knowledge.


  • Used flight simulator style joystick (for the joystick mechanism)
  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Prototyping shield or Blank PCB
  • Arcade style buttons
  • 10K potentiometer
  • Electrical hook up Wire


  • Autodesk Inventor – 3D modeling of plastic printed parts and CNC milled parts
  • Design Spark PCB – Used to design Shield to sit on top of Arduino
  • Makerware – Used with Makerbot Replicator to print 3D parts
  • Modela Player 4 – Used with roland MDX-40 Milling machine
  • Arduino – Used to upload code to micro-controller board.

Build Guide:

This PDF shows a sample of the journey the student when through to get to the final product. Accessibility Controller Instructions.PDF



  • UnoJoy Arduino codeUnoJoy UnoJoy turns your Arduino Uno into a native USB video game controller with support for Playstation 3, Windows, and OSX and was written by Allan Chatham. The following links have instructions on how to upload the code onto an Arduino Uno and make it respond as a USB HID. and
  • PPM Buddy box code The following link takes you to some instructions on how to use an Arduino to read inputs from buttons and sensors and send the information to a Futaba Transmitter via a buddy box cord. The code was originality written by Ian Johnson, and includes an LCD screen and menus. The code used in the project was derived from Ian’s code but cut down and modified to work with Spektrum Transmitters.
  • If you do not have an Arduino board and arcade buttons at hand some online stores such as seeedstudio or sparkfun will have everything you require for this style project. or



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