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This project was developed in for Concepts 2 Creation by myself (Design & Technology Teacher) and Jon (Aerospace Engineer). We were asked to complete the project in our final year of study for teachers to use as a full teaching package so that students could understand both the construction and basic flying principles in a simple / cheap RC aeroplane possibly in preparation for the UAV Outback challenge . We attempted to cut down the amount of stores you would need to visit to get all of the parts for the project. Most of the parts were sourced from Hobby King which is an online store in china / USA. There is now a Hobby King store front in Adelaide on Glen Osmand Rd Ph (08) 8299 9882 they will be slightly more expensive but will be able to help source the part you need all from the same place.


– Model aircraft design theory PDF (Jon Dansie)

– Zipped folder with; excel parts lists, CAD files, simulator, photos, etc.

 YouTube Channel


1 – Introduction & Components

2 – Cutting out the Parts

3 – Preparing control surfaces

4.1 – Joining control surfaces

4.2 – Joining control surfaces (part 2)

5 – Joining wing and body

6 – Attaching control horns

7 – The control system

8.1 – Soldering ESC & Motor

8.2 – Soldering ESC & Motor (part 2)

9 – Testing power system

10 – Servo & control rod

11 – Installing motor

12 – Centre of gravity

13 – Maiden flight & buddy boxing

Diagnosing buddy box lead

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