ProtoPLATFORM Tutorials

Thanks for checking out the ProtoPLATFORM tutorial page. To follow along with these videos you will need a PPMotherBoard, and a ProtoPLATFORM(T). Each video will demonstrate how you can use a different input or output device with the PICAXE Microcontroller. All videos will be using the 14M2 PICAXE chip unless otherwise specified. I will continue to update the programs used in these videos and add more and therefore have attached a dropbox folder so that the files will always be up to date. Click the on this Example Video Files folder link and then download the required “.bas” file.

Blink LED


Push Button Switch

Basic Analogue input Devices

7 Segment Display

LED Matrix – Coming soon

RGB LED – Coming Soon

4 x 4 Keypad – Future Video

Touch Screen – Future Video

Servo – Coming soon

Ultrasonic Sensor

Accelerometer (ADXL 335)

RFID (ID12) – Coming soon

GPS – Future Video

DS18B20 Temp Sensor – Coming soon

i2c DS1307 Clock – Future Video

EEPROM – Future Video

Wii Numchuck – Future Video

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