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  • Class Introductory PackPPMother3D

    This introductory class pack includes all of the components and PCB’s you will need for 10 lots of the following kits PPMotherBoard, StarterPLATFORM, and ProtoPLATFORM. This pack comes in two options: 1. Cheaper I supply you with all of the … Continue reading

  • PCB Torch Class SetSONY DSC

    Please see my alternate website for an assembly tutorial. 20 lots of either: PCB Only ($2 each) or As Bulk Kit ($3.5 each) Note: These are not individually kitted. This product does not use Picaxe and is therefore not in the … Continue reading

  • PLATFORM Class SetsPPStarter

    Teachers will be able to access bulk packs of PCB boards only for use in schools. The cheapest method of buying these kits in bulk is without individually packaging. If you purchase these boards in bulk I will send you … Continue reading

  • Romeo Class SetRoboPLATFORMFront

    Coming soon… I do not have enough bulk stock for these bulk sets yet so please email to show your interested in either being a trial school or to be updated as soon as this product is available. Class set of … Continue reading

  • Workshop (2 hours)Makerfair soldering

    You may purchase as few or many of these sessions as you like: Introduction to soldering and component identification. Learn how to solder basic through hole components, identify components and diagnose issues. Introduction to PICAXE microcontrollers and programming. Learn to … Continue reading

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