PCB Torch Class Set

Please see my alternate website backward-workshop.com for an assembly tutorial.

20 lots of either:

  • PCB Only ($2 each)
  • As Bulk Kit ($3.5 each) Note: These are not individually kitted.

This product does not use Picaxe and is therefore not in the ProtoPlatform family. It is simply a PCB I designed that people have shown interest in so it was easiest to sell on the same website.

This PCB was designed as a simple soldering exercise for my Year 8 electronics class. It is simple to solder together and even simpler to diagnose any issues. It uses a push button switch, resistor, white LED, 24.5mm coin cell holder and matching coin cell.

The STL files and gcode can be found on my thingiverse profile or downloaded using the links bellow. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24082. The plastic 3D printed parts are not include in the cost of the kit.

Order 20 x PCB Torch