Workshop (2 hours)

You may purchase as few or many of these sessions as you like:

Introduction to soldering and component identification.
Learn how to solder basic through hole components, identify components and diagnose issues.

Introduction to PICAXE microcontrollers and programming.
Learn to Program the PP Motherboard in BASIC code, and / or flowchart. Learn how to connect the device to the computers and overcome minor issues.

ProtoPLATFORM prototyping
Learn how to use a breadboard on the ProtoPLATFORM to prototype a circuit and or use software tools such as Fritzing to design a circuit.

Getting Started with Romeo
Learn how to program a two-wheeled robot and make it move around the room. Experiment with some sensors to allow the robot to make decisions before it moves.

Designing a PLATFORM
Learn how to use Design Spark PCB to design a circuit board and either manufacture it using DIY methods or send away for professional manufacture


  • Session costs do not include equipment or room hire
  • Sessions will be run after school hours, or during holiday breaks
  • Sessions are flexible please email to customise a session to your needs
  • Skype sessions are possible but would need a local facilitator that has a positive understanding of PICAXE.
  • A maximum of 20 participants is encouraged
Order Workshop (2h) Group Workshop @ $60.00