The SerialStick is a surface mount Kit that can replace the AXE027 USB Cable. If you are just beginning with PICAXE the AXE027 cable is the way to go as SMD soldering isn’t what you want to start with! However, if you have some soldering skills and want to keep the price of your PICAXE set up down the SerialStick does the same thing for half the price. It would make an excellent skills task for a senior year class as most student have access to USB ports on a laptop but few have access to COM ports. It also has two LED’s that can be customized but as default are set up as Rx Tx lights.

Once soldered the SerialStick needs to be flashed with a program called FT_Prog to modify the default setup of the FTDI chip to work with PICAXE.

If you have an AXE027 Cable you can save the settings as a template and then apply the template to your Serial Stick (this will make the Serial Stick appear as a AXE027 Cable). Alternatively you can just tick the four boxes under Invert RS232 Signals; Invert TXD, Invert RXD, Invert RTS#, and Invert CTS#. See Screen shot for details.



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