The MotorPLATFORM uses a a L293D Motor Driver to enable a user to connect two DC hobby motors or one four wire stepper motor to the microcontroller. Motor are easily connected with the two screw in terminals at each end of the board and can be powered either with an external battery or using the same supply as the PPMotherboard. The output pins are not predetermined, they are simply selected by the user by soldering four jumper wires in place.

Kit Includes:

2              10 Way Stackable Female Header
2              6 Way Stackable Female Header
1              L293D Motor Drive IC
1              16 Pin IC Socket DIP
1              100uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor
2              22nF Polyester Capacitor (motors)
2              2 Way Screw Terminal Block (5mm)
1              ProtoPlatform MotorPlatform PCB