The PPMotherBoard is the base board for all available PLATFORMS. This board used a 20 Pin IC socket to allow users to program 8, 14, and 20 pin PICAXE and GENIE Chips. It has a red power indicator LED, and a green output pin status indicator LED. Platforms can be stacked on top of this board allowing many possible applications.

Please see: PPMotherBoard Data Sheet for assembly instruction and test program.

For assembly video and programming / testing video please see the Getting Started page.

Kit Includes
Part # QTY Name
14M2 1 Picaxe 14M2 DIP
U1 1 20 Pin IC Socket DIP
C1 1 100nf Polyester Capacitor
R1 1 22K 0.25W Resistor
R2 1 10K 0.25W Resistor
R3/R4 2 330R 0.25W Resistor
D1 1 1N4001 Diode
LED2 1 RED LED 5mm
S1 0 SPDT Slide Switch (optional) use off cut wire
H10 2 10 Way Female Header
H6 2 6 Way Female Header
Jack 1 3.5mm Serial Programing Socket
BAT 1 4.5V (3 x AA) Battery Holder Fly Leads
PCB 1 PP MotherBoard


Example Code – Pinout and Hello World 14M2

' ProtoPlatform by Joel Phillips, www.teaching-innovation.com
' Pinout for ProtoPlatform using PICAXE 14M2 Microcontroller.
' "P#" can be replaced with a descriptive word for the input/output pin.
' For example P19 Could be replaced with "GLED" to represent the connected Green LED
'SYMBOL P1	= +V		SYMBOL P20 = 0V
 SYMBOL P2	= C.5		SYMBOL P19 = B.0
 SYMBOL P3	= C.4		SYMBOL P18 = B.1
 SYMBOL P4	= C.3		SYMBOL P17 = B.2
 SYMBOL P5	= C.2		SYMBOL P16 = B.3
 SYMBOL P6	= C.1		SYMBOL P15 = B.4
 SYMBOL P7	= C.0		SYMBOL P14 = B.5
	high P19	'Turns output P19 on
	pause 500	'Pauses program for 500ms = 0.5 seconds
	low P19	'Turns output P19 off
	pause 500	'Pauses program for 500ms = 0.5 seconds
	goto main	'jump to "main:" label and repeat program
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