PP Motherboard PRO SMD

Coming soon a SMD version of the Motherboard with on-board FDTI chip for programming straight from USB. This version comes with 20M2 SMD chip.It can be powered from the USB jack or a battery pack (selectable via switch). Identical pin out to IO headers as the PPMotherBoard with a 20M2 chip.

I have got the first prototype PCBs back. They work really well but there are some pretty small parts to solder especially for beginners. I have used all of the biggest components possible (1206) but the FTDI chip is tiny. I have been soldering these with a regular soldering iron without any issues but wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. I am looking into setting up a solder paste re-flow option so that I can sell an option that has all of the SMD components already soldered leaving the through hole parts for the end user. More details once I prove this concept.

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