The ProtoPLATFORM(T) was the original concept of this family of PCB’s. This Stackable PLATFORM allows the user to first prototype an ideas using a Mini Breadboard between the Female Headers and then once the circuit is working the breadboard can be copied identically and soldered into the circuit board to make it permanent. This board has tracks between each row of five holes exactly the same as the Mini Breadboard there is also a PCB available that has the same hole layout without the tracks.

For assembly video and programming / testing video please see the Getting Started page.

For video tutorials using this PCB please see the ProtoPLATFORM tutorials page.

Kit Includes
Part # QTY Name
BR1 1 Breadboard Mini Self Adhesive
H10St 2 10 Way Stackable Female Header
H6St 2 6 Way Stackable Female Header